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In Search of a Better Belief System

"A belief system is a set of ideas about the physical, mental and spiritual components of life, and what you hold to be true about yourself, others, the world you live in, the reason for your existence, and why you are here." The purpose of a belief system is to help navigate life. The reason life can be difficult at times is because everything we've been led to believe about ourselves, people, and the world around us is, quite frankly, wrong! See through the deception and take your life in the direction you really want it to go!

7 Conversations to Freedom

There are several conversations I have repeatedly with individuals who are at various stages of creating lives of freedom: "Something different is possible," "What is freedom?" "Your purpose is where it all begins," "You CAN turn your passion into profit," "The trouble with capitalism," "The Tao of Shawshank," "The freedom to love true to your self," and, of course, "The carrot conversation!"

The Integrated Life

"In the pursuit of economic survival, bodily sustenance and social acceptance, people often (1) disregard their passion in order to focus on a practical career, (2) allow their diet and food choices to undermine their health, and (3) deny their sexual and gender wiring in order to conform to societal concepts of relationship. Therein lies the majority of unhappiness in our modern life. People are not effectively integrating passion, diet and gender wiring into their careers, health and relationships in order to live The Integrated Life.” Here are some tips for avoiding the pitfalls!


Breaking News from Walt:

A few weeks ago, a former workshop attendee and coaching client revealed that she nominated me to be considered for this year’s Governor’s Humanities Award here on Saipan. I thanked her, but I didn’t really believe I qualified because...(read why at
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